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Community collaboration and networks

Enhancing the capacity of organizations to work together

Vancity Community Foundation is committed to enhancing the capacity of organizations to work together. When we say "together, more becomes possible," we're not just paying lip service to our tagline. We, whole-heartedly, mean it. In fact, our support for community-based and sector-based collaborative initiatives has been a core part of our developmental approach --- consistent with our roots in community economic development.

We have been challenged in trying to set more reasonable expectations among the many different organizations seeking our support and feel the need to target our limited granting dollars more strategically. We now recognize that supporting initiatives which are aligned with us only by virtue of operating as part of a collaboration or network, is not enough.

Under the direction of our Board and in consultation with our many partners and supporters, we are narrowing the focus within our core strategic program support available, and will no longer be accepting inquiries for grant funding under the "Collaborations & Networks" category. Our core granting and strategic program support will now continue to focus within just two specific categories: social enterprise development and community owned real estate.

This being said, we will continue to support initiatives with which we can deeply engage and that clearly serve as a catalyst for bigger change -- that promote innovation, have potential for replication and sharing of learnings, while embracing principles of cooperation, equity, participation and self-reliance. An example of such work would be a group of non-profits that are engaged with Vancity working together to develop a new model for integrated program delivery in a jointly owned space.

Whether through our core granting and strategic program support, partnership projects, diverse range of donor advised funds, or our active participation in community, we haven't changed our focus.

Vancity Community Foundation remains committed to the collaborative approach as a way to significantly contribute to our vision of enhanced individual, organizational, and community self-reliance and sustainability.

Still looking for more information? Send a message to our Manager, Strategic Programs or phone her directly at 604.871.5373.