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Community-owned Real Estate

Securing necessary space for individuals and organizations

We understand that the availability of, and access to, appropriate and affordable housing is important for individuals and families, and for community stability as a whole. Similarly, ensuring organizations are able to operate and deliver their programs in appropriate and affordable spaces is equally as important for community vitality. Facilitating ownership opportunities for non-profit organizations not only builds assets and financial sustainability for these organizations, but ensures that needed community services, programs, facilities and land remain available and accessible.

Together with Vancity, we support organizations in the development of Community-owned real estate (CORE) projects that:
  • buy, develop or expand community-owned real estate
  • increase community access to environmental housing, workspaces or buildings
  • build strategic partnerships that take a long term, community-focused view of real estate

Community-owned real estate (CORE) refers to property owned for and by the community. This can include affordable housing, senior centres, community agriculture, shared non-profit offices and other venues that provide important community amenities and programs.

VCF supports community-owned real estate through:
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