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Donor Advised Directory

The number of donor advised funds is ever-growing. And to say we are proud of these combined contributions is, well, an understatement.

Some of our donor advised funds are open to receiving grant proposals or applications that align with their fund purpose. To get an idea of the breadth of support available, please take some time to browse.

If you feel as though your project fits with one of our donors, , VCF's Specialist, Philanthropic Services at 604.877.6584 to determine your project's eligibility. Please be prepared to provide a concise description of your project and specific funding request.

Donor advised funds directory

Fund Purpose Site
will support the operations of West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund, towards providing assistance (either legal or financial or both) in assessing, identifying and implementing legal strategies that may be successful in establishing a constitutional right to counsel in family law.
provides scholarships for LGBTQ youth through the GLBA Foundation
to give aid in the fields of poverty and social advocacy.
Created to honour the public and community service of Bette & Steve Paproski and will provide annual post secondary education grants to young (teen) parents and their children.
income will be used to support qualified donees as defined in the federal Income Tax Act, more specifically at this time to support Pacific Immigrant Resources Society and St. Helen's Anglican Church-Vancouver.
provides bursaries to single moms or students graduating from Vancouver high schools in low-income areas and pursuing post-secondary education
provides grants to the Society to Bridge Arts and Community in support of the operating and maintaining programs of the Greater Vancouver Alliance for Arts and Culture.
will support qualified donees that focus on art projects, work spaces and artists in Vancouver, including dance, theatre, fine art and music.
will support the operations of the ArtStarts' Gallery and Resource Centre of the ArtStarts in Schools Society.
provides grants to the BC Borstal Association for building repair, development and construction.
provides scholarships to assist students to further their education in horticulture or related studies.
was created by West Coast LEAF to provide a secure funding base for equality litigation work that benefits women in BC, including cases arising in BC and elsewhere in Canada.
helps BEST to make our communities healthier places to live by promoting sustainable transportation and land use planning, and pedestrian-, cycling- and transit-oriented neighbourhoods.
BGH Community Fund supports programs and initiatives that promote community economic development. Priority will be given to projects which help alleviate poverty, foster self-reliance (self sufficiency) and help recipients gain confidence and power.
supports qualified donees and/or charitable organizations promoting active minds and healthy bodies for all age groups.
will provide graduating Surrey students, who demonstrate motivation, scholastic potential and financial need, with the ability to continue their education at a post-secondary institution.
to support community arts initiatives in the downtown eastside.
has been created in memory of Brooke Forbes to support one of her passions in life, by generating income to support projects involving minority youth and radio.
supports the creation and preservation of wildlife habitat in the Lower Mainland through community-based activities.
was created by the North Shore Disability Resource Centre to support its efforts to provide pre-employment, employment and other services to people with disabilities and their families.
supports organizations that contribute to the well being of individuals with mental illnesses and their families.
to generate income to support the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre of the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
provides grants to projects that are aligned with the Foundation's mission. The Foundation exists to bridge the past with the future so that life today and tomorrow can enjoy, learn & benefit from, connect to, & improve upon, natural & human undertakings of yesteryear.
gives support to community economic development projects.
was set up to support the arts programs, operations and activities of the Coastal Sound Music Academy Society.
supports the programs of CoDevelopment Canada; an NGO that works for social change & global education building partnerships between like-minded organizations in Canada & Latin America to foster learning, social change & community empowerment.
supports the growth of collectively owned farm based communities in British Columbia.
to generate income to support the operations and special projects of the Comox Valley Land Trust. (CVLT)
provides grants to qualified donees pursuing community economic development through cooperative models.
supports programs and activities in the arts and music, and community and social justice organizations.
will offer personal development opportunities to at-risk youth who are seeking a better future. Support from the fund is intended to encourage these young people and to help provide them with an opportunity to learn, grow, share and actively participate in building a future for themselves.
was established in memory of Cyndi Poynter and supports the VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation Thoracic Nursing Fund in recognition of their hard work and dedication to Cyndi and her family.
supporting grassroots projects in low-income communities that foster engagement, collaboration, and capacity building, and contribute to long-lasting community benefit.
provides support to charitable organizations dedicated to protecting the environment, with emphasis on work that will increase understanding of, and help ameliorate the effects of climate change. The Fund will support BC based organizations that will benefit British Columbians.
provides grants in support of health and welfare as it relates to social justice, social/urban ministries of primarily the United Church, and/or other spiritual and secular charitable organizations.
provides bursaries for students graduating from New Westminster, Vancouver and Surrey Secondary schools who need financial assistance to continue their education in arts, vocational or technical programs. Grants will also be made to beautify and enhance heritage buildings in the South Fraser area.
provides support to community economic development projects.
provides support for youth at risk, to build independence and self-sufficiency.
supports programs that strengthen and enhance professional development opportunities for Early Childhood Educators and to enhance the Early Childhood Education profession.
to generate income for organizations and initiatives with the focus of feeding the children of the world.
supports the educational programs and activities of Bard on the Beach Theatre Society.
to support arts and housing projects. Grants from the fund currently support Performing Arts Lodges (PAL) Vancouver which provides housing to people in the professional performing arts, 55+, or disabled.
generates income to support various charitable causes. Preference will be given to support environmental causes, marginalized and at risk individuals, community economic development and humanitarian aid.
generates income to support the programs, operations and activities of Farm Folk/City Folk.
supports the charitable work of the First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition.
supports programs and activities in the arts and music, and community and social justice organizations.
supports organizations that serve immigrant and refugee women.
provides educational scholarships and bursaries to students of the Native Education College.
to support charitable organizations in the Greater Victoria area.
supports local community building initiatives decided upon by the staff of Grey Worldwide.
established by some like-minded community investors to support The Columbia Foundation, Tides Canada Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation and Fairview Presbyterian Church.
provides educational scholarships to students in the Nechako Valley to pursue post-secondary education at a community college, university or equivalent educational institution.
supports access to homeopathic care for low income families and children.
supports the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network Circle of Friends program.
to provide scholarships to students enrolled full-time in a Mechanical Design or Mechanical Engineering diploma or degree program at qualified post-secondary institutions.
provides grants to organizations to pursue community economic development.
provides charitable funding in the communities of Vanderhoof, Fort St. James and Fraser Lake as served by Integris Credit Union.
created to support various charitable causes.
Provides annual scholarships and/or bursaries to students in attending the Textile Arts Program at Capilano University.
will provide scholarships to women who are single mothers, on social assistance to pursue a post secondary education at a community college, university or equivalent educational institution.
supports qualified applicants pursuing community economic development initiatives, with priority given to organizations with programs to support alcohol addiction and/or recovery.
to support various charitable causes.
provides a scholarship or a bursary to female high school athletes in East Vancouver, pursuing post-secondary education.
to support BC Cancer Foundation, Alzheimer's Society of BC, Arthritis Society of BC, Heart and Stroke Association of BC, and the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation.
supports the public legal education work of West Coast LEAF in schools and communities across BC.
supports the Judith Marcuse Projects programs, operations and activities.
will identify, nurture, and support the next wave of Canadian Female Natural Products Entrepreneurs.
supports the maintenance and growth of local organic food production towards the development of a sustainable local food system in the province of British Columbia.
supports qualified donees and/or charitable organizations, their programs, projects and/or activities dedicated to providing parental support programs and support of disadvantaged people in the Greater Vancouver regional district (GVRD).
supports various charitable organizations devoted to environmental, wildlife, and humanitarian causes.
supports students from the Langley region who wish to pursue environmental studies at a post-secondary level.
to support various charitable causes.
provides grants in healthcare related to cystic fibrosis. It also gives a scholarship to a student at Maple Ridge Secondary School who will be pursuing further education in music, art or dance - some of Laura's favourite things.
was established to support animal welfare.
was established to honour the memory of Leon C. Morel. It provides first- and second-year college students in BC with financial assistance to further their education.
provides income to qualified donees in support of LBCSF, to promote the values of education and scholarships in the Lions Bay community.
supports local schools and non-profit community organizations in the Little Mountain neighbourhood that contribute to nature, horticulture, wildlife, visual arts, and/or seniors with disabilities.
supports the works and charitable priorities of the Roman Catholic faith community of the Arch Diocese of Vancouver.
will award scholarships to young adults who have helped to promote or create a positive environment in their community. The youth should have a strong understanding that all people are equal, and work to eliminate bullying, and hate from their communities.
was created to support programs and initiatives that promote economic and social justice for women in Vancouver East. The Fund also has an ongoing student bursary for women at the Native Education Centre.
to support education and learning for elementary and middle school students in the area of arts education in schools and/or education of girls and women in developing nations.
to support local children living in poverty or fighting critical illness.
to provide grants to various charitable organizations in our community.
was created to honour the legacy of Jennifer-Lynn Elizabeth McGill. Income from the fund will empower other disabled clients of Spectrum Society for Community Living by providing funding for special equipment, pilot programing and/or additional staff support to enable these persons to enrich the wider community.
Provides grants to foster sustainable living and community on Gabriola Island BC.
to provide support for the charitable activities of the Michael Cuccione Foundation.
to encourage and promote entrance for individuals to acquire Early Childhood Education training.
to encourage and promote the professional development of the Early Childhood Educators.
has a mission to improve outcomes for children living in poverty by supporting their mothers through mentorship.
providing support to various organizations decided upon by the Mowat Family.
provide support and services for British Columbians living with Myasthenia Gravis.
supports programs that further literacy and international social and economic development in developing countries, and contribute to the well-being of women and children.
created to support a variety of charitable purposes.
to promote the values of education and scholarships in the Lions Bay community.
supports the current programs and provides a perpetual source of long-term income for the North Shore Community Resources Society.
is an eclectic little family fund created to support children of all ages by donating to KidSafe, Tutoring Aid Society, First Call BC, and DOXA.
supports community projects that enhance each individual's ability to make appropriate food and nutrition choices.
to support various charitable causes.
provides grants to those pursuing national and international economic/self-realization/community economic development initiatives aiming to help eliminate poverty.
generate income to support the programs, operations, initiatives and activities of the Parkgate Community Services Society.
to support registered charities engaged in social development including health, education, alleviation of poverty, skill development and employment.
to support various charitable causes.
to support the arts, programs for youth and sustainable organic food production.
to support various charitable causes.
to support various charitable causes.
to support activities in the PLAN community.
to create and sustain personal support networks of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network.
will support families to secure the future for their relative with a disability and to provide peace of mind by providing income to Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN).
supports women, youth and children with educational, social or business opportunities.
supports community projects and programs important to the Quart family.
was established to honour the memory of Richard E. Sanford in support of non-profit housing and the Home Foundation of BC.
generates income to support charitable organizations in the arts community.
created to provide future support to St. James Music Academy and the BC SPCA West Vancouver branch.
will provide grants to support projects and/or programs that address the issues of mental illness and offers intervention and care leading to recovery.
supports education and learning.
Supporting community transition towards environmental and economic sustainability.
generates income to support the programs, operations and activities of the Powell River Association for Community Living.
will support the welfare of children, humanitarian causes, and the welfare of animals.
supports organizations that benefit the environment, that use feminist principles to benefit women, that promote animal welfare and that sustain art initiatives to build community.
supports public policy initiatives that contribute to creating supportive environment for social enterprise in Canada.
provides grants for habitat maintenance and restoration, accessibility to theatre and chamber music and affordable housing opportunities in the Lower Mainland.
aims primarily to support volunteer efforts in taking humane action to benefit the animal first and foremost, to foster compassion towards animals in difficult circumstances, and to support positive interactions amongst the community of caregivers in every walk of life.
supports the ongoing programs and operations of the South Granville Seniors Friendship Centre Society.
was created in honour of Michael Goldberg to support SPARC BC, its programs, operations and activities. Preference is given to support advocacy projects.
provides grants to the Spectrum Society for Community Living to support people with disabilities in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster and the Sunshine Coast.
is committed to social change through building increased capacity and sustainability in non-profit organizations which use an asset based development approach and have as their goal the provision of tools for economic self sufficiency to marginalized individuals and communities.
supports charitable works in communities within the Sea to Sky corridor.
supports initiatives that advance a sustainable marketplace.
supports Summerville Foundation's long term vision of enterprising, not-for-profit Therapeutic Communities located in urban and rural settings across Canada, where adults with addiction problems live with order and dignity as they prepare themselves for successful return to mainstream society.
addresses issues of homelessness, assisted housing and poverty in the City of Surrey, British Columbia.
supports projects contributing to a socially just and environmentally sustainable economy.
to support a variety of charitable causes, with priority given to social justice.
to provide financial support to both local and international charitable organizations and humanitarian organizations, including NGOs, who are responding to the aftermath of a crisis. Furthermore, we offer support for programs and projects of those organizations to help those who are suffering.
stimulates volunteerism while promoting community involvement for the employees, retirees,and family members within our Bond. Grants are provided to charitable organizations with a volunteer bond affiliation, in the area of youth, community enhancement, crime prevention and/or the environment.
is held by the Foundation in honour of the BC Chapter of American Marketing Association's Marketer of the Year Award recipient. Each year's recipient will choose a registered Canadian charity to which to disburse the funds.
is used to support Vancity Community Foundation work as determined by its Board of Directors.
to provide support to humanitarian causes.
was created by an anonymous donor and is a joint effort between the Vancity Community Foundation, Vancity Credit Union and the City of Vancouver to provide support for the Vancouver Retrofit Energy Efficiency Pilot Program.
created to support a variety of charitable purposes.
supports groups who contribute to animal welfare or curing/preventing macular degeneration.
supports the programs and activities of the West End Seniors' Network, and particularly the creation of Kay's Place - a drop-in and affordable café for West End Seniors.
supports community economic development initiatives in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.
was endowed through a gift from Vancity's Board of Directors and was established to provide ongoing support to youth at risk initiatives.
supports youth or education programs.