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Our Operating Principles

The way we do the things we do.

There's an old song that has as its chorus the words "the way you do the things you do." It's a sentiment that captures the intensity of a feeling about the small things that make an individual, well, special. And, while we are a Foundation made up of a whole lot of individuals, collectively there is an agreed-upon way we do the thing we do. We call that way, our operating principles. They can be summed up in this way:
  • We work with, and complement the strengths and capacity of, Vancity.
  • We use and leverage all of our assets.
  • We focus on sustainable development rather than aid, recognizing the inherent capacity and range of assets which already exist in community.
  • We are collaborative, allowing us to seek partnerships and highly valued relationships with our donors and those we work with or support.
  • We are a catalyst for positive change, finding ways to build momentum toward change that is inclusive and sustainable.
Everything we do is about much more than money. We come to the table ready to actively participate and bring all of our resources to bear to challenge the status quo and help change the way that things are done.

And that's the way we do the things we do.