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Projects and Partnerships

It's like being partners in gym class, only better.

We love partnerships.

In partnerships, we are able to contribute our expertise and passion for program development, strategic grant-making and community engagement. And we're better equipped to leverage resources that will lead to an even greater impact in community.

So, really, what's not to love?

VCF currently works with the following programs and organizations:

What does social enterprise have to do with public infrastructure?

Increasingly, non-profits are embracing social enterprise as a means to support their mission-based efforts. This approach and other innovative strategies are explored in a study released April 2013 entitled:


Non-profits have played a vital role in building communities in Canada. This new study examines the unique contribution non-profit organizations can make to public infrastructure as a result of their close connections to community. Non-profits are able to leverage non-traditional sources of funds, generate social and financial returns on investment, and tailor infrastructure solutions to local needs.

The report explores the benefits of and barriers to non-profits engaging in infrastructure provision, and identifies a number of opportunities to increase non-profit participation in public infrastructure development. Trends were examined in Canada, US, UK and other nations. There are an increasing number of success stories where non-profits have transformed their visions into spaces that are embraced by citizens who feel a sense of ownership, pride and promise---helping to build strong and thriving communities.

This study was prepared for Infrastructure Canada by the Vancity Community Foundation in association with Juniper Consulting.

Download the report in English or French.

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