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SRI, Mission Investing and Lending


Investment Portfolios

Our investments are managed primarily through Vancity Investment Management, according to an Investment Policy Statement set by our Board of Directors. 100% of our assets are screened according to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI), and we also make direct investments to achieve impact through allocation of our endowment assets.

Performance of our Donor Advised Fund Portfolio

Impact Investing

In 2012, under the close direction of our Board and with support from Vancity Credit Union, we continued to grow the proportion of "impact investments" in our portfolio, representing a number of new and different asset classes for the Foundation, with the specific intent of achieving positive social or environmental impact, as well as a financial return. The National Task Force on Social Finance has made a recommendation that Canadian Foundations strive to allocate up to 10% of their assets toward mission based investing.

We are proud to say that by the end of 2012 we had increased our proportion of direct impact investments to more than 16% of our assets.

In addition to the investments managed by Vancity Investment Management and our deposits held at Vancity Credit Union for lending to the members, we also currently hold or have allocated the following as of December 31, 2012 (figures are approximate):

Direct Loans to other charities, nonprofits, co-ops and social ventures $2.9 million
Some of these loans may be priced at or below market and include specific provisions for debt forgiveness or interest relief, which are counted against our disbursements as per CRA guidelines.  
Social Venture Private Equity Investments $0.7 million
Renewal2 Fund is made up of several companies and we also purchased convertible ownership shares in Save on Meats Ltd.  
Resilient Fund $2.3 million
Fixed Income Impact Fund managed by Vancity Community Capital, with additional loss provisions provided through Vancouver Foundation.  
Loan Loss Provisions & Guarantees $2.4 million
These include risk sharing agreements for a broad range of microcredit loans, as well as specific loan pools for local food, arts and culture, aboriginal ventures and eco-efficiency.  
Total Proportion of segregated "Impact Investments" S8.3 million