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Our Strategic Programs

Strategic areas of focus.

Our ability to affect change rests primarily in our ability to mobilize resources in order to effectively support community organizations. To that end, we aim to partner with the kinds of community organizations that have the most potential to yield positive outcomes, including greater economic security for individuals and families, enhanced sustainability, and of course, thriving communities that are - as we like to say - just and vibrant.

Rather than trying to choose from a myriad of specific issues, we have focused on different approaches to achieving change. From here, we employ an integrated strategy that combines grant funding with technical assistance, sector support, and the delivery of resources towards the achievement of measurable benefits. These include:
  • Social Enterprise Development: We support non-profit organizations to develop and operate social enterprises as a tool to meet a range of social, economic or environmental goals in a financially sustainable way.
  • Community-Owned Real Estate: We invest in initiatives that house individuals and organizations, increase community ownership and assets, and build opportunities for shared spaces and resources.
  • Previous Grant Recipients