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Vancity and Us

Where matters of finance meet matters of the heart.

It's been said that what we embody is a cooperative version of philanthropy. Which, given our roots, makes a whole lot of sense, really. VCF was formed in order to provide Vancity members with the means to be a part of something bigger — something that was not only in alignment with their values and their investment in Vancity, but that ultimately served as a catalyst for community transformation.

And so it is, to this day, we enjoy a truly unique positioning relative to other charitable foundations. Building on our track record of supporting community in a progressive and engaged way, we have the added advantage of being able to build on the reputation and sophistication of Canada's largest community-based credit union. This provides our donors access to the fully integrated services of a $17.5 billion financial institution... that really cares. In return, we are able to provide Vancity's 501,000-plus members with relevant options when it comes to making a difference — either by working together, or as defined in their own personal way. Our donor advised funds, for example, offer an opportunity for people to build an endowment and to engage others in philanthropy, toward the type of impact that is meaningful to the individual.

What started over two decades ago as an exercise in optimistic "what if", has evolved into an entity that celebrates a combination of strong roots and an abundant future. Each of which is due in large part to our close relationship with Vancity. It's a relationship that encourages the best of all worlds: Where matters of the heart meet matters of finance. And vice versa.