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VCF Endowment Fund

Turning wealth into thriving communities.

When we say "together, more becomes possible", we really mean it. In fact, we really, really, really mean it. By pooling funds with others in VCF's Community Endowment Fund, you help serve as a catalyst for change, and support innovative solutions for the issues facing our community.

You can take comfort knowing that our staff has the extensive knowledge — and community connections — to put resources into the initiatives that have the potential to achieve the most significant impact. VCF employs an integrated strategy that combines grant funding with technical assistance, sector support, and the delivery of other resources towards the achievement of measurable benefits in three strategic program areas including:
  • Social Enterprise Development, Supporting non-profit organizations to develop and operate social enterprises as a tool to meet a range of social, economic or environmental goals in a financially sustainable way.
  • Community Owned Real Estate, Investing in initiatives that house individuals and organizations, increase community ownership and assets, and build opportunities for shared spaces and resources
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