BC Rent Bank is a project of Vancity Community Foundation. Since 2019, BC Rent Bank has been a backbone organization providing funding to the provincial rent bank network and supporting our rent bank partners with technology, resources, and training.

We believe housing is the foundation of healthy communities and families. Our mission is to develop an interconnected network of eviction prevention and housing stability services that reduces new instances of homelessness among renters in British Columbia.

In 2019, we began as a pilot project with a three-year mandate to support the funding of existing rent banks, establish new rent banks, and create the infrastructure to support a provincial rent bank system. Now in our fifth year, BC Rent Bank is strengthening our network to support more renters, developing strategic partnerships to implement innovative solutions that ensure equitable access, and using the data we collect to advocate for change within the renter market. 

In addition to financial support, we’re connecting low- to moderate-income individuals and families in BC with services such as financial literacy and debt relief; government benefits and housing supports; physical needs such as food and clothing; and referrals that support physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Our comprehensive services and non-judgmental approach help alleviate stress and ensure people have a plan to get back on their feet and maintain their housing.

If you have any further questions about BC Rent Bank, please email: info@bcrentbank.ca or call: (604) 877-8453.