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We harness the ingenuity, passion and assets of community to support the development of affordable, climate-ready housing that transforms local economies and builds a more just and sustainable world. 

Affordable Housing
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The Affordable Community Housing Program & Accelerator Fund helps not-for-profit, cooperative and Indigenous organizations overcome barriers by providing grants and financing for the early-phases of a development project to help them become construction ready and accelerate to completion.  

Funds and Programs
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Learn about opportunities for funding from our portfolio of Donor Advised Funds and explore our programs and initiatives including BC Rent Bank, Reaching Home and Surrey Homelessness & Housing Society.

Vancity credit union
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Since 1994 Vancity has distributed $406 million to members through dividends and to communities through grants and community investment initiatives. Learn more about some of the granting programs your organization may be eligible for.

Stories of Change
Mid-Main Community Health Centre
The process began with conversations, with Vancity Community Foundation staff, about how the Centre might begin to address its real estate challenge.
Catalyst Community Developments
No money changed hands. A contract was signed to acquire 31 new units of below market rental housing in the City of Richmond, BC. And all of the players received what they wanted in the ultimate win-win-win scenario for non-profit housing in this province.
Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society
In September 2017, a once-notorious establishment in Surrey, where sirens had rung out daily and women were profoundly exploited, underwent an incredible transformation with support from the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society, which provided a $75,000 responsive grant for much-needed renovations.