There are a growing number of online tools and resources that can help you advance your social enterprise or social purpose real estate initiative. Here's a few to get you started:

Social Purpose Real Estate

Building It Right Toolkit

Vancity Community Foundation developed the Building it Right Toolkit in 2014 to provide guidance to organizations that are in the early stages of contemplating redevelopment.

Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative

Vancity Community Foundation is a member of the Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) Collaborative which helps mission-based organizations with their real estate needs.  Visit the SPRE Collaborative website for information and research that will help with your work in the area of social purpose real estate

Tools & Resources

The following tools and resources may be of assistance to you in developing your social purpose real estate project:

Social Enterprise 

Other Grants, Investment, and Financing for Social Enterprise

If you fall outside of our funded regions, your local community economic development organization, community foundation, and/or local credit union may be able to support your initiative. Here’s some opportunities to explore:

Training & Development Opportunities

Vancity partners and/or engages with each of the following organizations that provide a variety of training and development opportunities for business planning, launch, and strengthening:

Tools & Resources

The following tools and resources may be of assistance to you in developing your social enterprise project:

Case Studies & Examples

For more examples of how social enterprise can be impactful, watch one of the following videos:

Success Themes in Supportive Employment

This report describes the key practices of employment social enterprises (ESEs) that have been successful employing people who face multiple barriers to employment, based on interviews with 50 well-established ESEs.

A number of social enterprises participating in this project have shared their stories and experiences in creating supportive employment development: