Amy Dalgleish Memorial Endowment Fund

The Amy Dalgleish Memorial Endowment Fund was created to honour the life of Amy Dalgleish and her demonstrated commitment to social justice. Amy was an idealist whose life was devoted to making the world a better place. A socialist and a feminist, she was the first woman in Canada to win the legal right to retain her own name after marriage. To the very end of her life Amy was involved in her community. She was a founding member of the Marginal Market Food Co-op in Vancouver, and worked actively in InFact and the Unitarian Church Single Parents Food Bank. She was also a strong supporter of women's rights and the environmental movement. All who knew Amy admired her spirit, her energy and determination, her kindness and generosity to both individuals and groups, and her unfailing commitment to social justice and peace.

Note: This bursary is being revised and will not be offered until further notice.

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